At Poppy Finch, quality is of our utmost concern. Within the first year of purchase, we will cover any repair cost if the issue is due to manufacturing defect.  If the breakage is due to wear and tear and/or negligence, there will be a repair charge at the customer's expense.  Repairs will be assessed on an individual basis.

If you should experience the need for repair, please email with the following information.

We will then assess the repair needs based on the information and provide you with repair options.  

We offer shipping labels that will include sending the repair to us and returning back to you.  If you wish to arrange for shipping yourself, please let us know.  

Poppy Finch jewelry purchased directly from us or from one of our retail partners are all covered under our warranty and repair policy.  

If you choose to take our jewelry to a third party jeweller for repair or changes, our warranty is void.